Tailor-made transport:
  more than just words

DELIVER-IT provides the answer to the demand for special transport of (time-)sensitive and valuable cargoes. And with expansion the necessary logistical activities and service associated with these assignments. We distilled this commitment into a manifesto: your guarantee that we really do deliver what we promise.

The value of a product cannot be determined by reference to an amount. But rather by what it means to the person waiting for it.

Respect, the entire length of the chain

By listening to our clients, suppliers, partners and employees we create ties of trust based on respect. This trust among all parties is essential for seeing logistical and/or transport assignments through to a successful conclusion.

At the same time every cargo is given close attention. After all, there’s a story behind every package. A blood sample on paper is not worth much. But for a sick child from Jakarta who spent half a day travelling with his mother to give it, it is priceless.

Open communication as the key

Sustainable cooperation stands or falls with communication. So when you call DELIVER-IT you don’t get a chatbot on the line, but the friendly voice of your transport expert who immediately helps you.

And if despite all this, something goes wrong? Then you’ll hear about it first from us. With suitable solutions and advice.

Engaged team

The DELIVER-IT team is composed of people with a passion for their job and who always strive for the best possible result. We stoke this passion by involving internal and external collaborators in challenging projects.

Furthermore they are given responsibility and freedom, but also the opportunity to grow and to be themselves. And this in a pleasant working environment where work and pleasure go hand in hand.

Dedicated drivers

Our drivers are our mobile advertising hoarding. Therefore they commit to:

correct price agreements

With DELIVER-IT there are no standard packages to choose from. So what do you choose? Our knowledge and expertise. This way you’ll always be sure of a tailor-made transport solution at a correct price. For both regular and occasional transport assignments.

More than tailor-made transport

Delivering your dispatches correctly and in accordance with agreements is only one aspect of good logistical services. Therefore DELIVER-IT goes beyond tailor-made transport and dares to boast that it says “yes” to all logistical questions.

For this we offer our own services. Examples include securing your air freight, dealing with customs formalities, x-dock, storage, order picking, placing of equipment in situ and construction of trade fair stands.