Logistical help with complex transport problems

Flexible, reliable and fast. That’s how DELIVER-IT offers help with complex logistical problems. With open communication as the basis for sustainable cooperation.


Logistical support with a plus

Maritime cargo


Air cargo


Road transport

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DELIVER-IT stands for thoroughgoing service based on in-depth knowledge of the industry. To guarantee this quality service, DELIVER-IT is GDP-MDR and ISO 9001-2015 certified.

Sectors with (time-)sensitive loads

Our team is open to all logistical questions. Businesses in sectors such as health care, pharmaceuticals, automotive, aerospace, electronics, expo logistics and fashion find their way to DELIVER-IT.

This is thanks to our many years of expertise in these sectors. Furthermore we also make stringent quality demands of ourselves. We demonstrate that quality with our GDP-MDR and ISO-9001 and 2015 certificates.

From paper clip to elephant, DELIVER‑IT transports it for you. Fast and with care. Because what’s valuable to you is valuable to us too.


Logistical help in emergency situations

DELIVER-IT is the ambulance of transport. Our team stands constantly ready to face challenges. Constantly: 24/7.

DELIVER-IT stands for respect

Managers Peter Allard and Olivier Tielemans have combined their many years of experience in the transport sector in DELIVER-IT . They lead an enthusiastic team of transport experts who handle every load with the same respect. Because DELIVER-IT provides more than just the usual service.

Peter and Olivier have a clear objective: to deliver the logistical assistance that you really need. Not standard services, but transport attuned to your needs. To guarantee this quality service to you, DELIVER-IT is GDP-MDR and ISO 9001-2015 certified.

Thanks to our status as Regulated Agent we also take care of securing your air cargo dispatches. Together with our extensive network of international partners, we offer logistical support in more than 150 countries.

DELIVER-IT is no average courier service. Behind every dispatch there’s a story that’s important to someone. That’s why we treat everything we transport with great care. Because what’s valuable to you is also valuable to us.